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About Me (Donna)

Thanks for visiting my portfolio website!

Over the last few years (since 2018), I’ve been growing my portfolio with a wide variety of publications and will try my best to update this site as much as possible.

To see samples of my published work, the sidebar has various categories that I love writing about.

Currently living in New York City, since I was young, I always found myself writing.

At the age when you have imaginary friends, and you all have these amazing adventures together, for me, I was always documenting those adventures.

Who would have thought that those adventures would become hilarious and enjoyable stories when I got older.

Now, being in NYC, every day is a new adventure!

Each day I grow and learn something new. Something I can share to a community of interested readers.

The comments, the emails, the social media shares, the editor notes – all of the feedback is why I do what I do…