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About Me (Donna)

Thanks for visiting my portfolio website!

I am a marketing intern with a degree in Masters in Business Administration with a focus on modern marketing and artificial intelligence. With a brief academic background I have gained an extensive knowledge and practical experience in the field of marketing, especially in areas such as digital marketing, social media marketing, and customer relationship management.

To see samples of my published work, the sidebar has various categories that I love writing about.

Currently living in New York City, since I was young, I always found myself writing.

So during my studies I took up writing for various marketing agencies as a freelancer. With a keen interest in exploring the latest trends and technologies in marketing, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, which I believe have already started revolutionizing the marketing landscape I have worked on various marketing projects, including market research on search media and advertising campaigns, and social media marketing.

Being in NYC, every day is a new adventure!

Each day I grow and learn something new. Something I can share to a community of interested readers.

In my free time, I enjoy music production. You heard it right! I love working on mixing tunes from different genres, and what not. And thanks to my learnings of marketing and technology skills I often help production houses as well. Who knows where my music + marketing skills takes me tomorrow. Never stop dreaming!!

The comments, the emails, the social media shares, the editor notes – all of the feedback is why I do what I do…